Wendy Nye: Meramac Electrical Products

Company: Meramac Electrical Products
Category: Manufacturing
Number of Employees: 100
Optimum Products:

What are the benefits of having a one database HRIS software system?

Basically, I can do everything in one program to where everyone else is having to go to several different programs and I just don’t think that is a workable solution. I think once you get other vendors involved, it happens they say, “Well it’s not our problem, or it’s not our problem.” Then “You need to go to this one, or you need to go to this one.” I’ve done that before and I just don’t agree with that, I like to go to one place if I have an issue and they fix it.

We actually have a couple different of location, they are just across the street. We have several managers who have to get in and out of Optimum Solutions and they are able to look up all of the data. They are not having to get into the employee folders or things like that, so one database for everything is nice.

Have you been happy with Optimum’s products and support?

It’s been great, Optimum Solutions is there every time I ask questions, every time I have problem. They have made my life easier in HR, I am able to show my subordinates as well as my coworkers, this is what is out there and this is what we have at our fingertips if we utilize every part of it.

Has there been any impact on your staff level or productivity?

I think our productivity has increased because of the fact now we can look in one central location. On the backside of it, we do a lot of entry so we use a lot of aspects that Optimum has so there is a lot of entries we have to put in. But it saves time in the end, when we can go back and our supervisors can look and pull the data by just the click of a button instead of having to contact HR. So we are saving time in other ways now then what we were.

Do you feel that Optimum Solutions offers a good return on investment?

I do believe it is good return on investment. With just having one software and everything encompassed into one program is really nice. It saved us money without having to go out and buy different software. With others, you try it for a week and it doesn’t work, but this one does.

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Payroll Administrator Mary Meador, Old Dominion Truck Leasing

The software is very user friendly and I caught on quickly and comfortably. I have developed a great relationship with my support contact and can't thank her enough for the hours that she has gone above and beyond with assisting me