Tom Schultz: HOM Furniture

Company: HOM Furniture
Category: Retail & Other
Optimum Products:

Did the migration to Optimum Solutions go smoothly?

We had about two weeks worth of training overall through the conversion. Our users are very comfortable. Like I said, we did a conversion about 2 and 1/2 months, they picked up very easily on it. It is very easy and user friendly system. It has very good documentation, nice help-text with it, and again we get very good customer support from Optimum.

How have things gone since you have been with Optimum?

In the three years that we have processed on the payroll with Optimum, we’ve never had a payroll generated error. Our payrolls have been done on time, we have not had any issues with it, as far as any errors or any problems with it.

Has there been any impact on your staff level?

We’re also able to process the same number of employees but reduced our staff by one. We foresee that we could go much higher without having to add payroll staff. The other positive about it is that we have been able to take the support from this product away from our staff and we have given that support to Optimum.

Would you recommend Optimum Solutions to other companies?

I would recommend Optimum Solutions to other companies, and if fact have already done so. It’s because of their support, its a very economically priced package for the quality that you get. Our testimony to it is that we have been using Optimum’s payroll for 3 year as a result of our experiences, we are going full born with all of the Optimum Solutions products.

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Vice President of Human Resources Tom Griggs, U.P. Special Delivery, Inc.

I have worked with several different payroll systems in my career and your program is far and away the best I have ever used, but what makes your company so special to me is the Customer Service Representatives.