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“I. Love. The. Support. Staff. Very rarely do I not get a call back within an hour and if I get a message saying she’s out of the office I feel very comfortable calling any of the other reps that I know there. But the relationship that the support staff gives you is just exceptional. I get exceptional service from them all.”

 “They are there when you need them and they will respond immediately.”

 “It’s been wonderful. Our client rep has never been ‘unavailable’ to us. She has answered emails, voicemails, or called us back…just wonderful.”  

 “We have a great representative that helps us from Optimum. There usually isn’t a time when I haven’t been able to get an answer from her but if there is, she will usually talk to her supervisors or someone to get things done.”

 “The industry that we work in as far as Human Resources and Payroll, you don’t have a lot of time to sit and wait when you need help. So, usually a phone call, or an email and the response from the support staff is usually immediate or at least within an hour of the issue. It’s very timely. They know we’re on a time crunch most of the time for those kinds of situations so the support staff has been great.”

 “Every time that I have needed help or had a question about something that’s stumped me,  I have contacted a support rep they are really quick to get back to me. The one time I had a problem with PTO accrual that I didn’t know how to fix I contacted them by email and had a response within 15 minutes and that was awesome. I didn’t have to wait all day to try and fix my problem.” 

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Payroll/ Benefits Administrator Cathy Skawinski, Foster Needle Co., Inc.

Software is pretty easy to use. Customer service helps with any problems.