Michelle Bennett: YUSA Corporation

Company: YUSA Corporation
Category: Manufacturing
Number of Employees: 850
Optimum Products:

What has been your experience with Optimum Solutions support staff?

They are very friendly, everyone here is very friendly. Like I said, there is someone here is always willing to help you. It’s not like just my support rep that has supported me. I have gotten support from programmers, time and attendance programmers, payroll programmers. You never feel like you are a small fish, you feel like you know everybody who works for the company and works with your software program.

Do you feel Optimum Solutions offers a good return on investment?

The return on investment, I mean they are losing money in my opinion, we’re making money off this situation. I always joke that payroll companies are making a fortune—you really don’t do much more when you process it in-house than what a payroll processing company does that processing out of house.  The only difference between an in-house processing and an out-of-house payroll processing company is that they print the checks, and send the file to the bank. It is so easy to do that that there is no need to pay a company $6,000 or $7,000 a month to cut checks for you and send files to a bank, that takes 2 hours worth of work. Because everything else, that you are doing in-house anyways.—The tracking of your employees, that tracking of taxes, deductions. You are doing all of that when you are using a service that is outside processing, so when you bring it inside, the only difference is that you can control the software, which is such a benefit if you have rules and unique circumstances with your company and you print the checks and send the files to the bank. It’s so easy with the Optimum software that there is no need to have an outside processor, there’s just no need.

How have Optimum Solutions products improved your operations?

Many times I tell associates, always looks at your paycheck—make sure that you are getting paid for what you are supposed to, that you are getting paid for the hours that you worked, that your benefits looks right, that your taxes look right, all problems that we previously had constant headaches with. The associates were constantly coming up and constantly upset. Now, they think it’s all me, it’s not, it’s the payroll program. I tell them that, the payroll program is what has made things so much smoother and why we have so few problems now.

How have Optimum Solutions products saved you money?

You are able to run reports to get the detail that is in your payroll so you are able to cross reference, this is who I’m charging for certain benefits and this is who I’m paying for certain benefits. Being able to run reports and download them into excel and cross reference them with those bills has actually saved our company, in the first four months I took over benefits, I was able to use an Optimum report with my medical bill and cross reference and find $170,000 credit savings on our bill because we were paying for associates that no longer worked there. But because the bill was 86 pages long with 40 or so associates on each page, no one had sat down and gone through it. I was able with an excel spreadsheet, and another excel spreadsheet to very easily and quickly, within minutes find out if I was being billed correctly. There are a lot of auditing features that you can use with other billing that you are paying for, medical, dental, life insurance , that you use in a payroll software.  All the reports download in excel, which is the best thing, in my opinion, about the software. Everything is so easily extracted for other programs that you might need; departments need reports, when they need information, everything can easily be extracted and looked up.

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Controller Donna Pickerill, Propulsys, Inc.

We have been using Optimum Solution's payroll software for about 10 years. We have been very satisfied with their product. The software is very reliable and their customer service is excellent.