Melody Wieczorek: Sterling Bank and Trust

Company: Sterling Bank and Trust
Category: Retail & Other, Banking
Number of Employees: 120
Optimum Products:

Have your company’s needs been met by Optimum Solutions software?

Absolutely, Optimum has more than met our expectations, it’s given us the efficiencies we needed it certain areas with our taxes and its streamlined our production and given us a lot more than we ever imagined it would. It’s been a wonderful product.

Would you recommend Optimum Solutions to other companies?

I would recommend Optimum to everyone. The software in itself relieves a lot of concerns we have.  We have multi states that we deal with. Each state, anyone that is familiar with payroll, has different laws and different taxes and there are a lot of things to consider when you are dealing with multi-states. All of that is programmed in; there is no concern that we would miss something. Optimum takes care of that for us.

The products are user friendly, and their staff has been incredible to work with—in every aspect I would recommend Optimum.

Are you happy with the product and customer support staff?

I am very happy with the product, even happier with the support. For those who work with different software applications, the implementation and training is only the first step. The real experience comes into play with the vender after its implemented and your handed over to support, that’s where your real experiences comes into play. The support team has been incredible, we have had different things come up that we have needed them at the drop of a hat and they are there. It takes a phone call, it takes and email and within minutes they are getting back to us. They have worked later hours with us when have had emergency payroll that had to be done, everyone of them has gone out of their way to be accommodating and get answers for us right away. The support team has been incredible.

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Payroll Manager Teri Zamperini, Imperial Pools

Have used this software for over 18 years and have always felt their customer service support is excellent. I changed the platform to their Windows series in 2010 and love how user friendly it is.