Lois Kellar: Archer Consultation Solutions

Company: Archer Consultation Solutions
Category: Retail & Other, Government and Non-Profit
Number of Employees: 300
Optimum Products:

How does Optimum Solutions software compare to outsourcing payroll?

Since we have payroll in-house now, we can answer the employee questions in-house. If there is anything that we have made an error in entering to payroll, we can make corrections right then. Using the HR portion of it, we can answer employee questions about what is in their file, what needs to be in their file. It’s just been great help. We actually have fewer errors using Optimum Solutions payroll system than we did when it was outsourced. I think that is because we have more control over it, more of an invested interest and it’s just nice to be able to answer the employee questions without having to go someplace else for the information.

I find the software very valuable in our day to day usage. After payroll we have a lot of reports that we have to provide to management. The reports that are in Optimum are very useful, if for some reason one report doesn’t meet our needs, we can export the information into excel for maybe 2 or 3 different reports and put together what corporate management wants.

How does Optimum Solutions software relate to other HRIS systems?

I personally have used other software; I have used ADP before and an in-house type software at another company. I prefer Optimum Solutions because you have more information at hand to you, you have more control over it and it’s easy to you. Since we’ve using Optimum, our files have been in much better shape and we have passed our state audits with flying colors.

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General Accountant John Jacobs, Boltaron Inc.

My experience with Optimum has been nothing but outstanding. Their support staff has always gone out of their way to assist in my operations, sspecially in keeping me up to date with payroll changes and using Optimum in the most efficient manner. They have made my life easy in a complex and constantly changing environment.