Krist Hall: Gearench

Company: Gearench
Category: Manufacturing
Number of Employees: 70
Optimum Products:

What has your experience been with Optimum’s products?

Before we went with them, the software we had was antiquated and there were a lot of things we had to do that were a lot of manual steps that were extremely hard. When you are using it, you don’t realize how hard it is to use the software until you get something as great as Optimum Solutions. When we went with them, we were like, ‘Wow that is what you can do with payroll!’ I’ve really enjoyed it, it’s been so much easier and it has saved us a lot of time.

Are taxes a concern using an in-house payroll system?

Optimum does all the updates on the taxes and I don’t have to worry about, I didn’t do this, because Optimum does it for me. When it comes to year end and we get a new year and all of the taxes have changed for us. I don’t have to go through each one as I had to do before and a lot of people had to do with other softwares, you have to enter all that information yourself. With Optimum, they do an update and its done it two seconds. It’s the most amazing thing.

Does Optimum make payroll simple?

I think the Optimum Software is one of the easiest software’s I have ever worked with. You don’t have to guess a lot on where to go or how to use something. It is very simple, it is very user friendly. Again, for someone that doesn’t have a lot of computer knowledge, you can go in there. It says ‘Employees’, you click on ‘Employees’. It says ‘New Employees’ - it is spelled out so well, that I don’t know anyone who couldn’t use that software, it’s really incredible.

Is having one database for all HRIS applications beneficial?

It has saved me so much time and energy to be able to go to one source and look at everything. All of my HR, all of Payroll, even as far as my OSHA records. To be able to see everything in one spot instead of having to go to three, or four or five applications. So saving time and energy.

Is Optimum’s software a good value?

I think that the cost we have to pay to have to continue to keep Optimum is a drop in the bucket compared to the time I have saved, the time our company has saved and the benefits we have gotten from it. They keep us up to date on taxes, they keep us up to date on things that if we weren’t getting the knowledge we are getting from Optimum and from the software, I am afraid we would be getting a lot of errors that would be very time and very costly in the end. I definitely think that the cost you pay for Optimum is nothing compared to the benefits you get.

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