JoAnne Siegienski: Quadion Corporation

Company: Quadion Corporation
Category: Manufacturing
Number of Employees: 2000
Optimum Products:

Would you recommend Optimum Solutions?

I do and have recommended Optimum Solutions to other companies, I think it’s a really intuitive, user-friendly software to use and again I don’t think the support team can be beat.

I think overall I would say, it’s a great product, the support staff is great. Try it, you’ll like it!

Is having one database for all HRIS applications beneficial?

I think that’s a huge benefit, having one database with everything that encompasses our time and attendance and our payroll. IT gets rid of multiple entries, duplicate entries - same people doing different things, different people doing the same things. I think its great having it all in one place and having it so every one can access the same information and it is always current.

How would you describe the quality of Optimum Solutions software?

I really like the Optimum software because it’s very intuitive and user friendly.  The software we switched from has a lot of insider knowledge. If you didn’t know the things to do, there was not an intuitive way to find out. With Optimum Software, it’s very intuitive, the user can look at it and what you pick will generally get you where you want to go.

I like that it’s a very robust, full - it encompasses everything “software”. What we had previously, we had payroll software, we had separate tax software. With Optimum, everything we have is combined and not only is it combined but the people we deal with know all about those things as well. So it’s kind of a one stop shop.

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HR Delia Bullard, Black's Tire Service, Inc

After 38 years of payroll experience this is a top notch product, we have used this program for over 10 years now and could not be happier. It gives you all the information you need and then some.