Elizabeth Franks: Daniel Realty

Company: Daniel Realty
Category: Retail & Other, Real Estate
Number of Employees: 146
Optimum Products:

Would you recommend Optimum Solutions to other companies?

Most definitely, Optimum is a good product. I would recommend it to anyone, and have recommended it to several people, or several companies I should say. I just say enough about how easy it is to use the system. The support staff is there whenever you need something, there has been many times when I didn’t know how to set up something in the system and very simply called in and they walked my through it. It’s a good product, I would recommend it to just about anyone who is looking for a payroll software.

Why Optimum Solutions?

I like the fact that they have people who have actually worked in payroll as their employees, as their customer support reps.  Having those people have the same knowledge as what you are having to deal with on a day-to-day basis is just awesome. Because it makes it easier that you’re not having to explain to them what you’re doing and what they problem is that you’re trying to get resolved because they have actually worked in the industry and they know what you’re facing.

Have the Optimum Solutions products improved your operations?

I would say so, we just a couple of years ago implemented the time and attendance system and that has greatly reduced a lot of the work load that I have. I am the payroll person in my office, a very small unit, were not a large company, when it comes to processing payroll, I am the one who does most of the work. Especially with a time and attendance system, that cut payroll processing in half for me.  They’re constantly looking for ways to make your processing a lot easier, a lot simpler. I appreciate that about Optimum.

How does Optimum Solutions compare to other payroll solutions?

I like that fact that they are constantly keeping the software updated, all the changes that they make, keep them in the industry, they are competitive with the other payroll providers. I like that fact that they stay on top of things and that their programmers are really working hard to stay competitive. I think that, even thought we look at the affordability of staying with Optimum, we also want them to be on par with some of the other programs that are out there. I think the fact that they do that, really keeps us with them, we want to stay with them long term.

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