Debbie Hinman: Flournoy Development Company

Company: Flournoy Development Company
Category: Retail & Other, Construction Contracting
Number of Employees: 450
Optimum Products:

How have Optimum Solutions products affected your company’s productivity?

Our company is so much more productive with the use of Optimum Solutions. The ease of use of the software, the fact that each products integrates fully with payroll has made production so much faster.

The product saves me so much time, especially in government reporting. We are in multiple state and localities, and due to cutbacks, it is very important that everything is done timely , that you are meeting all of your government deadlines. With Optimum it is all automated and error free.

How was the installation and training process?

The installation and training when we converted to Optimum Solutions went very well. We were assigned one software representative who fully understood our business and stepped us through every step of the way, it was great.

Describe your experience with Optimum Solutions.

Optimum was totally honest from the very beginning; they never told me anything that it would not do. It is just dynamic, dynamic software. I realized early on that these were honest people, these were good people and that fact that it was developed in-house with their development staff is on hand at all times, if there is ever a problem, which is rare, the development staff goes to work immediately and in no time you have a solution to the problem.

Would you recommend Optimum Solutions to other companies?

I would recommend Optimum to anyone who is looking to convert to a new payroll software.

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Office Manager Carolyn Corbin, Merchants Grocery

She has always been very knowledgeable, helpful, courteous and OH SO PATIENT!!! If she didn’t have the answer to my problem, which has been very rare, she always contacted someone to help me. What an asset she must be to Optimum Solutions!!