Cindy Klahold: Community Services Group

Company: Community Services Group
Category: Healthcare
Optimum Products:

Why Optimum?

Anytime you enter into a relationship with Optimum, you're actually getting a team of professionals whose only goal is to help you succeed. It's like getting additional staff right across the hall because that's how accessible they are. A lot of software packages you call and might have a two day turn around, Optimum can get it within an hour. 

How have Optimum Solutions' products improved your operations?

There's departments that have 250 to 300 employees that would take anywhere between 4 and 5 days just to process the time sheets, the mileage, the different things like that - and we have whittled that down to about a day, a day and a half. Last year was the first time we actually went to laser forms and used Optimum Solutions forms and support and we took that whole process and, again, went from weeks down to days...

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Executive Secretary Maria Rangel, WorkNow, Inc

From the very beginning when he conducted our trainings, he has been absolutely devoted to take care of us, answer any questions, makes sure we are satisfied.