Cheri LeBrun: United Farmers Cooperative

Company: United Farmers Cooperative
Category: Retail & Other, Agriculture
Number of Employees: 200
Optimum Products:

Would you recommend Optimum Solutions?

I would definitely recommend Optimum Solutions to others - the reason being, is that they do have a very good training program, their support staff has been very very helpful and the timelines behind it has been awesome.

What has been your experience with Optimum’s HRIS software?

The quality of the software has exceeded my expectations. In the previous software we used, we did not have any HR functions with it. Having the HR component to it has been wonderful. The time and attendance also allows me to have greater record keeping capabilities and also on the employee portion of it, that too has expanded what we have had in the past. It far exceeds what I ever expected.

Has Optimum’s HRIS software made your job simpler?

Optimum also has for the worker’s compensation, OSHA and the taxes simplified the processes that I have done in the past. Having the 941 printed right there with numbers in, its like ‘Oh no, I am going to forgot how these forms really work’.  Because in the past I have always had to figure out where those numbers comes from. Now its just a basic upload, I hit a button and it’s ready to go.

The product also saves me time in organization, it’s all in one platform. Before I was using our payroll software, I was using an excel spreadsheet, I was using an OSHA worksheet for work-comp. The Optimum Solutions has put it all in one place, you can find it, it’s there, it’s easy to get at.

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Payroll Supervisor Rene' Whittaker, Quickway Carriers

Basically, it’s heaven being able to control your payroll. It’s a really easy system. I love Optimum Solutions.