Annette Statum: Nextek

Company: Nextek
Category: Manufacturing
Number of Employees: 150
Optimum Products:

Describe your experience with Optimum Solutions

Our experience with Optimum Solutions has been very good. We partnered with them a couple y ears ago and integrated their HR, Payroll and bought their time and attendance system. They have great customer support, good products and pretty much always willing to improve or make improvements based on customer suggestions.

How was the integration of Optimum Solutions products into your system?

The transition was great, we actually came online in the 4th quarter of our first year. We actually were online the first week, with Optimum having their conference, we weren’t able to come but we had phone numbers of all the support reps and folks. They knew that we were going live that week so they were available pretty much if we had any issues or problem. We did not run a parallel, we were able to cut over directly and we ran our first payroll very smoothly.

Wouldn’t it be easier to outsource your payroll?

We would not outsource our payroll because we like having control of our payroll and we like being able to complete our payroll when we want to complete it and not having someone else’s deadline to make but our own deadlines. With my software and my PC at work I have the ability to VPN from anywhere with my laptop. And I can log into payroll from the beach, from the conference, I can pretty much do it from anywhere.

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Accountant Diane Gephardt , Frick's Quality Meats Inc.

Optimum Solutions stays current with the latest tax and government requirements and keeps the client informed with frequent updates. They are a good source for keeping me abreast of laws.