Company: TUTCO, Inc.
Category: Manufacturing
Number of Employees: 400
Optimum Products:

The HRIS Issue

Previous to Optimum Solutions, TUTCO had been using 2 different in house applications to process their payroll. Senior Programmer/ System Analyst Trish Grant explains TUTCOʼs dissatisfaction with these systems: “We cannot remember one time in past ten years that we had a problem-free payroll run. Many times it would take weeks to work out the problems of one weekʼs payroll.” Employeesʼ deductions and accruals often times had to be re-calculated manually, wasting many hours of TUTCOʼs time. They needed an HRIS software solution that could streamline their payroll process, give them broader functionality, and automatically process multiple payrolls every month under different employee pay structures. The need for a more efficient and productive process payroll lead TUTCO to search for an alternative in house solution.

The HRIS Solution

TUTCO decided to streamline their payroll process and purchased Optimumʼs integrated Payroll and Human Resource software solutions.

Quality Applications

Optimumʼs applications are saving TUTCO time during their payroll process and all day-to-day activities involving payroll and HR. With Optimum, it now takes only a few hours to process TUTCOʼs payroll since no time is needed to correct errors, re-calculate figures, and total accruals. Taxes are now calculated automatically onto one simple report - far different than TUTCOʼs old tax- calculating system of combining multiple reports manually. Beth Dalton, the Controller at TUTCO, also has benefited greatly from the robust features of Optimumʼs applications. She says she no longer worries about TUTCOʼs compliancy and tax reporting.

Employee Satisfaction

The implementation of Optimumʼs applications has had a very positive effect on the company, an example is increased employee satisfaction. Vacation accruals, sick leave, etc. all automatically calculate and print on each employeeʼs check which was not available on TUTCOʼs old payroll systems. “Our employees are very happy with this feature,” Trish Grant said. “They now know automatically how much vacation time they have and donʼt have to wait to find this out from a manager.”

Smooth Year End

TUTCOʼs first year-end using Optimum Payroll was a very smooth process. TUTCO could not believe the ease in processing year-end with Optimum. Their W2ʼs were printed and sent out much earlier than ever before. “We thought there was a problem because it seemed too easy to complete year-end,” Trish said “Since the implementation of these products, we have improved productivity, reduced errors, and eliminated downtime.”

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Regional Director Kadir Cizreliogullari, Partners In Opportunities, Inc.

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