Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella Inc.

Company: Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella Inc.
Category: Manufacturing, Agriculture
Number of Employees: 800
Optimum Products:

The HRIS Issue

Prior to Optimum, Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella Inc. was outsourcing both their payroll and time and attendance. On top of using two different systems, they were outdated. Frustrated with the outsourcing process and the support, Setton Pistachio decided they wanted more control and a newer, more integrated solution.

Regaining Control

One of the main issues Setton Pistachios wanted to solve by switching to an in-house solution was the lack of control of data they had sacrificed by outsourcing their Payroll and Time and Attendance. By bringing everything in-house on one database, Setton Pistachio was able to gain control over their data, all while saving money by eliminating the cost of outsourcing.


Having outsourced their payroll and time & attendance, Setton Pistachios was naturally concerned with receiving the proper training and support to be able to fully handle those processes on their own. Optimum’s 24/7 support team made sure employees were thoroughly trained to ensure a smooth implementation process. Training on things such as food safety audits has proven to be useful and very helpful to their users.

The HRIS Solution

In addition to streamlining their payroll and time and attendance process, Setton also made the decision to add Optimum’s HR software; something that was not offered through their previous outsourcing providers. Setton Pistachio is now fully running on Optimum’s Payroll, Human Resources, and Time & Attendance software (Optimum HRIS®).


Having been an Optimum HRIS® user for over eight years years now, Setton Pistachio is happy to have made the switch. They are saving time and money on an annual basis, as well as receiving world-class support from Optimums Certified Payroll Professionals (CPP). “We’re happy with our switch to Optimum HRIS®,” said IT manager Tom Hillman. “Their support has been exceptional and we now have complete control over our data.”  

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