O&W, Inc.

Company: O&W, Inc.
Category: Distribution, Beer and Wine
Number of Employees: 115
Optimum Products:

The HRIS Issue

O & W, Inc is a beer and wine distributor that had previously outsourced their payroll with ADP.  Using an outsourcing company, they were experiencing payroll processing fees and had to deal with independent payroll and HR systems. Dee Teachout, the Office Manager at O&W said, “Nothing really mapped from one to the other. Payroll was just payroll data entry and nothing else, not much was offered at that time in the way of HR. You couldn’t get much out of the HR Software, no reporting or integration with payroll.” Along with integration issues, O&W faced human error due to having to manually process their HR and time and attendance information. This created more work for the HR department who had to spend time correcting these issues. O&W was also having issues processing their 16 different pay types, acknowledging that their previous provider did not yield enough flexibility with these pay types. These combined dissatisfactions led O&W to try an integrated in house solution.

The HRIS Solution

O&W decided to convert to Optimum Solution’s three core software products; Payroll, Human Resources and Time & Attendance. 

Comprehensive Implementation

During implementation, O&W ran their old system parallel with Optimum Solution’s software. The total implementation took 2-3 months. Dee said, “We started with basically a clean slate. It took time because it was comprehensive, not because it was complicated.” Although the implementation process was comfortable for O&W employees, it still takes time to adapt to a new system. Dee said that during the process Optimum was, “Not only available, but helpful. They guided me through the process step-by-step.” 

Regaining Control of Payroll

One of the main issues Dee wanted to solve by switching to an in house solution was the lack of control she felt when O&W outsourced their payroll. She said, “By doing everything in house (including tax filing) we gained more control over the process while decreasing the cost. I print checks when I want to. I have more flexibility as to when I process payroll – I can do it a day early if I need to – or finish it after 5:00 if it’s a bad day. There is a learning curve involved when you move from outsourcing to doing everything yourself. But once you get there, you have more control day to day.” 

Increased Return on Investment with Optimum Solutions

O&W believes it has received a high ROI on all resources associated with payroll and HR. Dee stated that O&W has realized an annual cost savings of approximately 20% after switching from an outsourcing product to Optimum’s software. She also believes that, overall, they were able to decrease man hours spent on payroll, HR and time and attendance.

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