Jasper Rubber Products, Inc.

Company: Jasper Rubber Products, Inc.
Category: Manufacturing
Number of Employees: 900
Optimum Products:

The HRIS Issue

With 850 - 900 employees, Jasper Rubber had outsourced their weekly payroll and HR functions for the past three years. Jasper became increasingly concerned with outsourcing because of the lack of control and associated charges incurred each time they had an additional requirement. Jasper also disliked the lengthy amount of time it took their personnel to enter payroll and HR information for the outsourcer, which they believed to be very inefficient. “Our employees had to enter the same information multiple times,” said Keith Wyatt, Executive Vice President of Operations and Information Technology for Jasper. Multiple entries of the same information from both payroll and HR departments occurred because of the lack of a single master file database. Jasper personnel not only spent valuable time on these entries, but also faced the risk of human error. It became difficult for Jasper to justify the cost and the lack of control they had over payroll while outsourcing. These issues lead Jasper to search for an in house, cost- effective solution.

The HRIS Solution

Jasper Rubber selected Optimum Solutions to provide a cost-effective payroll, HR, and time & attendance solution.


After Jasper selected Optimum as their vendor, they had only eight weeks to implement their new payroll and HR system before they would miss a quarter end cutoff and have to endure another quarter of outsourcing costs. Optimum not only completed a seamless integration but also fulfilled Jasperʼs functional and financial requirements. “Optimum delivered what I asked them to,” Keith explained after the implementation process “They delivered the solution we needed based on our time schedule, and our first payroll run was a complete success.”

High Return on Investment

Jasper Rubber now has a more cost-effective means to process payroll and HR with Optimum Solutions, Inc. “By bringing payroll in-house, our cost savings with Optimum versus outsourcing will be at least 50% over the next three years,” Keith said. By using Optimumʼs Payroll, HR, and Time & Attendance software, Jasperʼs payroll staff now has flexibility in the process payroll and their schedule rather than having to work with the outsourcerʼs schedule. This extra time includes 48 additional hours to process payroll each cycle.

Employee Ease of Use

Jasper also enjoys Optimumʼs use of a single database system. “Our employees express how easy the Optimum Suite of products is to use,” Keith commented. “Working from a single screen and having the integration to our general ledger makes our payroll and HR employees very satisfied users.”

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