Cornerstone Financial

Company: Cornerstone Financial
Category: Retail & Other, Banking and Finance
Number of Employees: 100
Optimum Products:

The HRIS Issue

Cornerstone Financial Credit Union has 7 locations and processes 2 different pay types - hourly and salary. Cornerstone had been using a different in house payroll solution, an HR database and a manually entered time and attendance program - none of which integrated with each other. For every bi-weekly payroll process, the earnings for each individual employee had to be manually entered into the payroll system. In addition, every time a new employee was hired, the data had to be manually entered into both their payroll and HR systems. This process used up valuable time and resources of Cornerstone’s staff. Furthermore, the software vendor they were using lacked customer support, which would often times take several days to respond after a reported incident. These combined problems led Cornerstone Financial to start looking for an integrated payroll, HR and time & attendance software system.

The HRIS Solution

Cornerstone Financial Credit Union purchased the Optimum Solutions integrated Payroll, Human Resources, Time & Attendance software.

The Optimum In House Support Staff

After dealing with poor customer support from their previous providers, Kimberly Shelton from Cornerstone Financial said that the support at Optimum has been, “Very good!” Kimberly has developed a valuable relationship with her dedicated support representative - who responds in less than 30 minutes with helpful information. In addition, Kimberly said that, “Optimum Solution’s support team works directly with our staff to always remain up-to-date and informed with software enhancements, tax updates and year-end information.” 

Return On Investment

By switching to Optimum Solution’s fully integrated Payroll, HR and Time & Attendance system, Cornerstone Financial has greatly reduced the use of their most valuable resource…time.  Kimberly said she previously had to spend 15 hours every other week on their payroll process, 2 hours on HR, and 2 hours in time and attendance, for a total of 19 hours. This entire process has been cut to only 7 hours, saving over 60% of her time each payroll. The time that has been saved is a result of switching to a reliable fully integrated system. 


Optimum Solution’s HRIS software was able to solve Cornerstone Financial’s main issue of having to manually key information for each employee by providing them with an integrated payroll, HR and time and attendance solution. Kimberly said she would recommend Optimum, “Because of the quicker payroll processing and the fact that the company offers a program that includes payroll, HR and time and attendance all in one!”

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