Carter Bank & Trust

Company: Carter Bank & Trust
Category: Retail & Other, Banking and Finance
Number of Employees: 1,100
Optimum Products:

The HRIS Issue

Carter Bank & Trust was processing payroll for their 128 locations and 3 FEIN’s on a mainframe computer. Payroll was completed through a long, inefficient process that consisted of multiple department’s time and effort. The staff had to manually key-in and verify all of the payroll information. In addition to this, the payroll department was dependent on the IT staff to make any changes or updates to the payroll system as well as running reports, printing stubs and maintaining tax rates. Through this entire process, Carter Bank & Trust never had customer support to turn to. After deciding the company needed to upgrade from the mainframe system, Carter Bank & Trust started looking for new payroll and human resource software solutions.

The HRIS Solution

Carter Bank & Trust is now running fully on Optimum Solution’s Payroll and Human Resource software.

The Conversion Process

Going from a mainframe computer to any software product is not an easy task. Marion Sparks, Assistant Vice President of Carter Bank & Trust said, “It was not like going from one software company to another. We had to totally change the way we did everything.” The conversion consisted of extracting all of the files from the old mainframe computer and transferring them onto Optimum’s software. Despite this, Marion says, “Our support representative was a patient soul who got us through it all!”

Day-to-day Efficiency

Marion now has accessible information for every day use, which she said is her favorite feature of Optimum. “Optimum works very well, as it should, for processing payroll, taxes and W-2s. What we really like about the software is what it does for us daily, not just at payroll time. We are constantly looking up employee information on Optimum, such as addresses, dates of hire and termination, salary information, taxes, deductions and benefits, locations worked, etc.” This has saved Carter Bank & Trust from having to manually access employees’ files every time they need information. 

The Support Team

Even after the implementation process, Marion said her experience with customer support has been “great” since their go-live. The average time for her individual support representative to return a phone call or email is usually a few minutes. Marion says the support team consists of knowledgeable people who are willing to help.

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