ESS, Alerts, and Applicant Tracking

Add Ons & Extras to Simplify Your Life

Optimum HRIS includes several modules to help you further streamline HRIS processes, monitoring, and tracking. Our focus on simplicity means complete, seamless integration between our modules and core HRIS product line. Each module uses the same shared employee database as our core software. 

Employee Self Service

Free up your HR department’s bandwidth today by allowing your employees to manage and maintain their own personal information. 

Optimum ESS allows employees to view and manage their data in Optimum HR and Optimum Payroll. Of course, your HR department can decide which options and fields can be edited and viewed. When paired with Optimum Time & Attendance, employees can also request time off and perform clocking transactions for even greater flexibility. 

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ESS Features include, but aren’t limited to: 

  • View earnings history
  • View paid time off 
  • Change home address
  • Change personal info
  • Change emergency contact info
  • Change email address
  • Change direct deposit detail
  • Changes pending admin approval

Optimum’s Employee Self Service allows you to get the most out of your HRIS software by freeing up valuable time to deal with critical issues instead of day to day personal details. 

Payroll, HR, and Time & Attendance Alerts

From paid time off to certification expirations, Optimum Alerts allows you to define and distribute proactive notifications without user intervention. Our system monitors your pre-defined criteria to automatically inform your team of pending issues or suspect activity within your company’s day to day HRIS operations. 

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Optimum Alerts provides alerts for Payroll, HR, and/or Time & Attendance, including, but not limited to:

  • Pay rate changes
  • Deduction and benefits
  • Notification of benefits eligibility
  • Employee deduction arrears
  • Notification of event dates due
  • Attendance points tracking
  • Employee clock in/out, early or late
  • Employee meals, early or late
  • Notification of specific employee clock events

With Optimum’s monitoring, notifications, and alerts system, you can spend less time worrying and more time working!

Applicant Tracking

Optimum Applicant Tracking automates and simplifies the process of screening, interviewing, and hiring new employees.

Approve and post job requisitions with ease; maintain a database of applications as a source for pre-qualified applicants; and increase productivity by pre-screening applicants based on your specific criteria around skills, training, education, etc.

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Our simple applicant tracking module tracks and manages information such as:

  • Applicant contact information
  • Position desired
  • Education and skills
  • Interviewer comments
  • Applicant status

Once an applicant is hired, you can export data directly to the Optimum Payroll and HR employee master file - streamlining your process and eliminating duplicate data entry. 

I would highly recommend the system. The support is very good and they have been available whenever we have needed them to be. I have no criticisms of the software or any of the modules we are using. It’s simple and easy to use.

Frank Waldrop, I.T. Manager
Merchants Grocery, Inc.

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Director of Human Resources and Operations Lisa Fontaine, Integrated Rehabilitation Services

You really know your stuff and take the time to explain all aspects of the system, even things that we may not be using right now.