Year End 2013 Payroll and Tax Updates

The year 2013 is now only 20 days away and Optimum’s goal is to make your year end as stress free as possible. We have seen a plethora of State, Local and Federal payroll and tax updates that all need to be taken into account when processing payroll.

Optimum Solutions has put together a guide that is organized by State, Local and Canadian tax updates that are broken out by section that will ensure a simpler year end for you and your payroll team. Note: Federal tax updates have not been released yet.

The guide includes updates for:

  • Social Security and Medicare Tax
  • Cost of Living Increases
  • Pension Plan Limits
  • Medical Savings Account Eligibility for High Deductible Plans
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Limits
  • Pension Plan Limits
  • Medical Savings Accounts Eligibility for High Deductible Plans
  • Health Saving Account (HSA) Limits
  • Medical Loss Reimbursements (MLR)
  • Reporting Employer Provided Healthcare on Form W-2
  • Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment Return Form 940
  • Federal Unemployment Tax Reduction Credit States
  • Fair Market Value for Cars and Trucks in 2013
  • State Updates regarding, Minimum Wage, Unemployment Wage Limits, Disability Insurance Changes, and more.

Download Optimum Solution’s Year End 2013 Payroll and Tax Updates Guide to help you have smooth sailing year end.

Additionally, don’t forget to send, the year end memorandum out to your employees to make year end even easier!

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This software is easily integrated with our other applications, for they have an awesome programming team who can make customization easily. Most companies do not allow or offer this level of flexibility.