Watch for the Test Pilot of the Wage and Hour Self Audit (PAID) Program

Have you ever found you paid an employee incorrectly and wondered if there might be others?  Have you wanted to avoid the pesky problem of employees talking about incorrect payment and then they are all turning the company into Wage and Hour?  Then you have court fees, back wages and more? Do you question if you are paying employees the correct minimum wage and overtime for your business and wonder how you can confirm the accuracy? Well, there's some good news! 


About the PAID Program

The PAID program will provide employers with the information needed to perform a self-audit and to independently report an issue to Wage and Hour. This is to ensure employees are paid their back wages at 100% and to prevent incurring litigation expenses, attorneys’ fees and other cost related to the action. 

As an employer, there will be prerequisite information to qualify for the pilot program and if accepted you can begin your self-audit. Should your company be in violation, there will be guidelines for reporting the information to Wage and Hour and  then next steps regarding any additional information they may need and then steps to pay the back wages to the employees.

The PAID Program Is Designed To:

  • Educate companies on wage and hour regulations to prevent future occurrences
  • Provide an avenue for employers to report themselves
  • Pay back wages at 100% to employees should there be an issue
  • Avoid penalties from Wage and Hour
  • Avoid court fees, litigation fees, etc.

For more information on this program visit the Wage and Hour website at  and to be notified when the program is available for your company to participate sign up for WHD Key News Alerts

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