Truncated SSN on 2018 W2s

An IRS proposal on September 18, 2017 would allow employers to shorten employees’ SSNs by printing asterisks or X’s in the first 5 places, and only printing the last four digits.


The Details...

Shortened SSNs would not be allowed on the Forms W2 submitted to the Social Security Administration. 

The proposal calls for Truncated Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TTINs) to be incorporated into the regulations for forms and instructions beginning with 2018 forms required to be filed after December 21, 2018. This is part of the IRS’ ongoing effort against fraud and identity theft, and steps to improve cybersecurity. The IRS is making great strides in their fight against taxpayer identity theft, and they continue to make efforts to improve their cybersecurity campaign. This proposal for TTINs is the latest in the agency’s outreach to fight tax-related fraud.

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