Tips To Help With Time Management At Work

Do you feel like you are already behind before you even arrive at work? If the answer is yes, you may not be managing your time at work as efficiently as you could be. Between emails, calls and other employees stopping by, it is easy to get behind. Implementing some of these basic time management strategies may be able to save you hours in a work week!

Assign Every Email You Receive

In today’s work world, emails are never ending. An easy way to keep up on emails is being able to quickly recognize the next step for every email. This means every email should be assign an action.

  • Delete all irrelevant or unimportant emails
  • If urgent, complete the task and mark as completed
  • Assign the email to a future date and time
  • File the email to an appropriate folder
  • Forward the email to the appropriate person

Prioritize All Interruptions

In a perfect world, every phone call or meeting would be properly scheduled in advance - but we all know this doesn’t happen. However, most of the time you can decide on when to actually have the conversation. Within the first two minutes of the phone call or meeting, make a decision as to whether it is an urgent issue or if you need to schedule a meeting for a later date and time.

Plan Your Schedule In Advance

Before you leave the office every day, plan out a schedule for the next day. Make a list of what tasks you need to accomplish and check items off as you complete them.

It is also smart to prioritize the tasks you need to get done. Come up with a system that helps you decide which tasks are necessary to complete by what date.

Keep Your Office Space Organized

This may sound simple, but the two minutes it takes you to find that document, can add up significantly during the week. Stay organized so you don’t waste time saying, “I know I have it here somewhere!”

Everything you do at the office should be worth your time. Planning ahead and taking 15 minutes to schedule your day can save you hours during the week.

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