Time and Labor Management- Biometric Hardware Clocks

Are you losing time and money for employees that are paid and not working because their coworker clocked them in?  This is commonly referred to as “buddy punching” and can be eliminated by automating the clock in and out procedures for your employees.  By utilizing Time & Attendance software application in conjunction with biometric time clock technology you can be sure the employee clocking in is the employee that should be clocking in. 

This process gives you the option to eliminate badges, which can be lost or stolen.  A biometric hand clock hardware solution reads the size and shape of the employee’s hand in less than a second to verify the identity of the employee. 


To further improve your labor management, choose a vendor that incorporates Payroll software, Human Resources software, and Time & Attendance software together for a complete HRIS system.

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Accounting Manager Dan Bellor, View Point Health

Our first payroll is complete. Everyone has been paid on time and all the calculations were correct. I want to thank the Optimum team for helping to make this happen on schedule.