Time and Attendance Software: Thinking Outside the Box

Almost every day, I hear these words from my lips:  “Let’s think outside the box….......”

When you have been completely immersed in a time keeping software system for a long time, you begin to believe that you know everything there is to know about it. It’s that proverbial rut we all get stuck in. There are so many clichés to describe it because it is such a common malady. It’s extremely rare to find someone who always has an innovative, fresh approach to every situation, but no one would argue that this should always be the object of the game.

For example, I had a customer present a request to me that I don’t think I have ever heard before:  In their Time and Attendance Software, they wanted leave pay types to count towards overtime EXCEPT ON FRIDAYS. They had already looked at all the policies set in the Time and Attendance software, and, of course, there is not a specific one for Days When You Don’t Want Leave to Count Towards Overtime.  Predictably, the first thing they asked was, “How much would it cost to write a custom program to do this for us?”

Trying to think outside the box (TOSTB) to avoid the cost of a custom program,  I came up with an idea for them to set up new leave pay type codes for Friday Vacation, Friday Holiday, etc. While everyone’s needs are different and this particular idea NOT works in your specific Time and Attendance situation, it is a good example of the power of TOSTB, especially related to Time and Attendance software solutions.

Sometimes the best solution is not the obvious but requires some Thinking Outside the Box. Happy Thinking!

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Payroll and Benefits Administrator Katie Thompson, Heartland Coop

Great customer support. I have enjoyed the annual conferences as well and Optimum is very good about keeping us up-to-date on things like tax changes.