Time and Attendance Software Systems Can Gather More than Time

Gathering hours for payroll processing and human resources absence tracking are just two common functions of a Time and Attendance software system.  There are other functions Time and Attendance software systems can perform you may not have thought of.

Some companies have a cafeteria where the employee can purchase their meals.  Some companies have products the employee may want to purchase for personal use.  There are also products the company requires the employee to purchase as part of their job requirements like uniforms or safety equipment.

All of these purchases can be gathered and managed by Time and Attendance software.  When it is payroll time the purchases can be transferred directly to the payroll software where they will be deducted from the employee’s pay.

Software vendors providing a complete suite of employee management software (payroll, human resources, time and attendance) may have the processes already in place to gather employee purchases.  If your time and attendance software is from a different vendor than your PR/HR you may need to contact all of them to see if they can implement an employee purchases interface between your HRIS software systems.

Mike Hayes
VP Software Development

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