The Impact of Marijuana in Your Company

Currently 33 states and D.C. have approved marijauna for medical purposes, and ten states have approved it for medical and recreational purposes.  Of these states, some allow limited use and others have made it decriminalized. The federal government still states marijuana is illegal.

How is your company handling this with employees?

It seems to be prudent to address this specifically in your company policies and be very clear and decisive. Will you treat marijuana the same as you do alcohol or other illegal drugs? Will you allow employees to use while on the job? Are you multi-state? If so, you may have states that allow it and others that don’t, some for medicinal purposes and some for recreation; some consider it legal and others illegal. What a quandary trying to create a one size fits all policy!  Another thing to keep in mind is there is not a true method for usage testing like there is for alcohol, for example.

The Bottom Line

Create a very clear policy. Make it fair to all employees, and make it known and published to all employees. Know each state’s regulations surrounding marijuana when creating your policies, and finally, communicate, communicate.

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