State Payroll and Tax Updates for 2012

California Tax Changes For 2012

  • Employers Guide for 2012 Released: A Resource for on compliance with California’s payroll tax laws.
  • Pay Rate Notices for Nonexempt Employees Mandated: At the time of hire, employers will be required to provide pay rate notices to nonexempt employees starting in 2012.
  • State Disability Insurance Taxable Wage Base, Employee Contribution Rate Adjusted for 2012: Maximum employee contribution will decrease to $955.85

Delaware Tax Changes For 2012

  • Withholding Tables Issued for 2012: Revised wage-bracket withholding tables

Hawaii Tax Changes For 2012

  • Temporary Disability Insurance Weekly Taxable Wage Base, Maximum Withholding Adjusted for 2012: The temporary disability insurance weekly taxable wage will increase to $903.28

Kentucky Tax Changes For 2012

  • Withholding Tables Issues for 2012: Department of Revenue has issued wage-bracket withholding tables and the compute. The standard deduction is increasing to $2.29

Maine Tax Changes For 2012

  • Mandatory EFT Threshold Lowered: Employers with a combined tax liability of $16,000 or more for all tax types during the most recent lookback period ending the prior year will be required to remit all state tax payments electronically
  • Withholding Tables issued for 2012:The wage-bracket and percentage holding tables have been adjusted for the inflation

Michigan Tax Changes For 2012

  • Income and Supplemental Wage Tax Rates Lowered: The income tax rate will decrease to 4.25% and the supplemental wage tax rate will decrease to 4.25%

Minnesota Tax Changes For 2012

  • Annual Reconciliation Return Discontinued: The Department of Revenue is transitioning employers to e-Services for online payment and filing system

New Jersey Tax Changes For 2012

  • Notice to Employees of Reporting and Recordkeeping Rules Mandated: Employers must notify employees of records regarding wages, benefits, taxes and other contributions and assessments

Pennsylvania Tax Changes For 2012

  • Electronic/Magnetic Media Filing Rules for Forms W-2 Updated: W-2 Forms must be filed electronically or magnetically if you file more than 250

Rhode Island Tax Changes For 2012

  • Temporary Disability Insurance Taxable Wage Base, Employee Contribution Rate Adjusted for 2012:  The maximum employee contribution will decrease to $720.00

Vermont Tax Changes For 2012

  • Minimum Wage and Tip Credit Adjusted for 2012: The state minimum wage is increasing to to $8.46 an hour and the state tip credit will increase to $4.36

Wisconsin Tax Changes For 2012

  • Guidance on Electric Filing of Forms W-2 Updated: If you file more than 50 W-2 forms, you must file electronically with the Department of Revenue
  • Tax Treatment of Health Care Benefits for Adult Children Conformed: Wisconsin will now follow the laws of the federal tax treatment of health care benefits for employee’s children under age 27

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