Prevention Methods to Stop Electronic Data Breaches

Computers Left Unattended

The most common electronic data breach is an employee leaving their computer monitors unattended, exposed, and unlocked. Any passerby can not only read the electronic information, but may even have the opportunity to sit down and search through it.

This same issue occurs when papers containing confidential information are left on desks without any sort of security. To prevent these breaches from occurring, have an enforceable policy, such as timed computer locking, that is effectively communicated to all of you your employees.

New Employee Access to Old Information

In recent years, there have been decreases in data breaches stemming from old hard drives in sold or discarded computers. However, in- office data breaches have seen an increase. Frequently, new employees are able to access information from an old employees computer that is not meant for their eyes.

To avoid these breaches, all computers need to be completely cleared of any data from the previous user before given to a new employee.

Information Stored on Unexpected Memory Drives

In today’s world, more things seem to have memory drives than not - it no longer just computers. Make sure everything in your office with a memory drive is cleared off before being reused, sold or thrown out. This includes cell phones, printers, copiers and even fax machines!

Data breaches are serious and can get a company into more than a little trouble. Do not be reactive. Put in place security policies, communicate them, and enforce them.

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