Remember to be particularly alert to any suspicious email requests that you may get asking for copies of sensitive information like copies of W2s.  


Cybercriminals are keenly aware that you have just submitted your W2 files and one of their favorite things to do is to pose as your CEO, sending you an email requesting a PDF file of all the employees’ W2 information.


Even if it looks like it came from your company president, even if it bears his photograph or his business card image, don’t send that kind of information until you pick up the phone and confirm with the person who allegedly sent the request that it was a legitimate request.  The hoaxers are incredibly good at what they do, from the sender’s address right down to mimicking the signature.

You may not want to bother the C-suite officers, but rest assured that they would rather take your call than have you email all of the employees’ W2s to a hacker!

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