Payroll Software Implementation and What to Keep in Mind

You bought a new payroll software system, now what?  One of the best pieces of advice a person can adhere to is to keep an open mind.  When a company changes payroll and HR software packages, things are going to change in that package that you did or didn’t have before.  Everyone knows that most people get comfortable with what they have. Therefore when change comes, they tend to “over analyze” the situation and completely overlook the good in new payroll software.

It’s best to go into a new payroll process with an open mind.  There is a reason that you are switching payroll software vendors.  Keeping an open mind about going to a new vendor will help make the whole implementation process easier not only for the implementation specialist, but you as well.  Even if the software is perfect, a person can tell themselves over and over that it’s worthless until they really believe the payroll software does nothing they need. This can cause frustration which is hard to overcome and allow yourself to be taught the new process of the payroll system.

Just with anything new there is always going to be somewhat of a learning curve.  If a person’s child doesn’t get how to ride a bike the first time you don’t give up.  You pick up your kid, dust them off and tell them to get back on the bike.  Why, because the joy of bike rides will eventually overcome the initial crash.  This holds true with payroll software.  The headaches of implementation will eventually be forgotten with a new and improved payroll software package your company has acquired.

Brandon Lucius- Software Support Specialist

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