Payroll/HR Software Implementation Strategies

You’ve determined that you need a new payroll software solution. You are out-sourcing your payroll software, human resources software and time and attendance software and are not satisfied with the service that you are getting as well as the lack of control over your payroll software program. So, the solution is to bring the payroll, human resources and time and attendance software solutions in-house. Well, if you want optimum results you’ll need an implementation strategy.

The first step to organize the payroll software project is to create a project team. The size of the team also matters, and each group should not be smaller than five people or bigger than nine. If it’s a large project it is better to form several teams e.g., functional, technical, etc. Keeping the teams to a manageable size makes it easier to achieve a consensus. There should be weekly meetings to keep everyone on the same page. The Project Leader will serve as a liaison to the group to keep members up-to-date on all activities.

During the payroll/HR software project, management must help by back-filling the team members’ normal activities, which will allow them to devote their time to the project.

To be successful the project must be endorsed and supported by upper management. This Management Review Committee will have ultimate authority for major decisions that impact budget, resources, and time.

If Consultants are used they should work in the capacity of advisors not project leaders. It is imperative that they train the internal resources early on in the project.

The Project Plan needs to have all tasks and milestones listed, should contain a time-line, and should assign resources to each of the responsibilities. The timeline should be realistic, the resources adequate, and the deliverables identified properly. The plan needs to be easily accessible by the team, updated as soon as each task is completed, and reviewed at least once a week. The Project Leader oversees the payroll/HR software project plan and makes sure everyone updates their part.

A team member sits with an end user of the current payroll/HR software systems and models each process ‘real-time’ in the new payroll and HR software system giving the end user a sneak preview which may help identify missing functionality or gaps. The goal is to find another way of getting the same results without changing the payroll software solution. Payroll and HR software changes directly affect the timely completion of the project plan by adding design, development, testing, and cost. They also make upgrades more difficult. This process is referred to as Gap Analysis.

There are numerous tools that you can use to help manage your project like Microsoft Project. It’s also important to work with a reputable company like who utilizes an Implementation Specialist, Project Coordinator along with a full Programming and Support staff to meet your needs.  With Optimum Solutions HRIS Software, your payroll, HR, and Time & Attendance software perfectly integrate with each other out of the box - with one central, shared data base, implementation of a fully supported, in house HRIS system has never been easier.

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