Optimum Integrates Payroll/HR to Flexi

Flexi Announces its Payroll and HR Solution

Partnership with Optimum Solutions provides payroll, HR and time & attendance to Flexi’s customers.

NAPLES, Fla./March 25, 2010— Flexi Software, a provider of best-of-breed, back office accounting software solutions, targeted to banking, insurance and financial service industries, announced today its strategic partnership with Optimum Solutions, a provider of payroll, human resources, and time & attendance software.

The partnership between Optimum Solutions and Flexi Software will benefit both companies by providing their clients with the best-of-breed accounting and payroll, human resources, and time & attendance solutions, enabling them to operate their businesses more efficiently and cost effectively.

“Our vision is to offer our customers complimentary solutions that help them streamline their business processes and make them more efficient. The Optimum Solutions will offer our customers an easy to use payroll, human resource and time & attendance solution,” said Stefan R. Bothe, CEO of Flexi Software.

“Optimum Solutions is excited about the partnership with Flexi Software. Interfacing Optimum’s .NET/SQL HRIS software solution with Flexi’s back office accounting software will provide both existing and prospective clients with a straight forward, easy to use system,” stated Scott Henderson, Director of Sales at Optimum Solutions.

About Optimum Solutions

Optimum Solutions, Inc. is a software development company providing payroll, human resources, and time & attendance software for both the Microsoft Windows and IBM System i platforms. Optimum Solutions’ mission is to help businesses pay and manage their personnel by providing reliable and fairly priced state-of-the-art HRIS software. All of Optimum’s software applications share one employee master file database to provide a seamless integrated system. For more information call (800)489-6026,email sales@optimum-solutions.com or visit https://optimumhris.com.

About Flexi

Founded in 1991, Flexi develops, markets, and supports a suite of back-office accounting software solutions that help enterprises within the Banking, Insurance, and Financial Services industries streamline their accounting processes. Flexi’s system integrates easily with other systems, and provides powerful and flexible accounting capabilities. The fully integrated suite includes modules for General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, Purchasing, and Projects. For information, visit https://www.flexi.com/

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