SSA Imposes New Rules on Electronic Files Submitted in 2015

Beginning with 2015 submissions, the Social Security Administration will enforce stricter rules when accepting or rejecting electronic files. In prior years, the SSA would attempt to correct some of the wrong data elements but moving forward, they will reject files containing specific types of invalid information. 
Specifically, for EFW2 or W2c files, the SSA will not accept (or attempt to correct) invalid values in the employer record for:

  • Tax Year
  • EIN
  • Employment Type Code
  • Tax Jurisdiction Code

In addition, the SSA will no longer accept non-zero values for money types that are invalid for the tax year, tax jurisdiction, and/or employment type.  For example, if you send a W2 for Puerto Rico with a non-zero amount in the FIT withheld field, the SSA will reject it.
This year, the SSA will immediately perform these new edits and either accept or reject a file.  If the file is rejected, it is considered to have not been filed and you must send in a correct file. It is best practice to always double check all data elements of forms before submitting them to the Social Security Administration to avoid the hassle of corrections. For more help staying compliant with government updates and requirements, checkout Optimum’s HR Software with a free demo today!

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