State New Hire Programs Continue To Save You Time

Since it has become mandatory, reporting new hires to the state they are hired in has greatly increased the timeliness of child support payments to non-custodial parents. The process has become fairly simple for Payroll and HR staffs which involves sending the required data elements to the appropriate agency as soon as a new employee is hired. If a child support order exists in the system, it quickly follows the employee to the new employer and can be payroll-deducted within a short time after employment. Payroll and HR departments seem to be thrilled with the results!

And we have more good news for you: the State New Hire program has proved itself employer-friendly once again. It has begun cross-matching employment records in an effort to stop fraudulent unemployment payments.  By comparing state’s databases, an employee can no longer claim unemployment in one state while they are actually working in another state. Lower benefit payments keeps unemployment tax rates lower for everyone.

And hackers beware!  These data analysis cross-matching programs also watch for unemployment claims being filed from computers in other countries which could indicate identity theft rings.

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