Growing Trend: Mandatory Paid Sick Leave

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the most recent municipality to put in place legislation that will require employers to pay employees for sick time.  Philadelphia employers with at least 10 employees now must allow one hour of paid sick leave for every 40 hours that an employee works, with a maximum of 40 hours a year. 
These employers must abide by the new laws, even if they have other establishments outside of Philadelphia where the mandate may not be in effect.  Therefore this is likely to result in a single employer ending up with multiple sets of rules for multiple groups of employees. 
Some states (11 so far) are rushing to stop local governments from setting their own rules for this very reason.  However, there is a popular trend for states to enact these mandatory sick leave plans. 
This leads us to ask: Will there eventually be a federally mandated paid sick leave plan? Would it be wise of employers to put in place their own paid sick leave plans?

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Payroll Manager Francine Gladstone, Joint Industry Board of the Electrical Industry

I am not computer literate but this is a fairly easy program to follow.