IRS2Go is the official smartphone app of the IRS and is available in English and Spanish from Google Play, the Apple App Store and Amazon.  With the app, you can:               

  • Check the status of your Federal Refund if you filed electronically.  After the IRS receives your return, you can check the status within 24 hours.  You have to wait 4 weeks to check if you filed a paper return.
  • You can make a free, secure Federal tax payment with IRS2Go directly from your bank account.
  • Use IRS2Go to locate IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance providers and Tax Counseling for the Elderly providers near you.

Follow the IRS on Twitter and Tumblr, watch IRS videos on YouTube, and subscribe to IRS Tax Tips on your smartphone, too.

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HR Administrator Charis Alls, Ted Brown Music

Easy to learn and use. Lots of options to choose from for reporting purposes. ACA Reporting feature is top notch.