IRS Form W-4 and Separate Nonresident Alien Instructions Release by IRS

The new 2010 Form W-4 has been released by the IRS and is located on their website at  Howe.ver, note the change in verbiage this year on the Form W-4 instructions under the section referring to Nonresident Aliens.  They are to use Notice 1392, Supplemental Form W-4 instructions for Nonresident Aliens to assist them in completing the form.  The Notice 1392 can be found on the IRS website at:

Below are some of the items outlined in the Notice 1392:

  • Nonresident Aliens cannot claim the standard deduction
  • Do not qualify for Making Work Pay credit
  • An additional amount is to be withheld from their check – See publication 15 for the correct amount
  • Note any exceptions
  • Must have a SSN number or have applied for one.
  • Must check the single box on line 3

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