Think Twice Before You Click That IRS Link

Something’s phishy and it’s not that Beer Battered Arctic Cod you ate for lunch! Once again, the IRS is the target of fraudulent emails being sent out.

These emails appear to come from tax software providers and boast a link that will lead recipients to a site where they can download important updates to their tax software.  The problem is that the link actually directs the recipient to a website that will steal login information, passwords and other sensitive information.
Both tax professionals and individuals have received these emails and the fraudsters are very good at what they do.  These messages look legit!  The IRS has launched a fresh effort to inform both tax professionals and taxpayers about these cybercriminals and the identity theft dangers they pose.

  • Make your entire staff aware to look out for phishing scams  --  emails and phone calls.
  • Set a formal policy that disallows employees from installing “outside” software on company computers.
  • Never click on links or open attachments in emails.  Go to the home page of the provider instead.
  • Use strong passwords  --  at least 8 characters with a mix of letters, numbers and characters.
  • Regularly scan your computers for viruses.

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