IBM System i- Interesting LinkedIn User Group Discussion

Robert Presser the President at Odyssey Data Systems, Inc. and Labels-4-Meds, LLC posted the discussion below in a LinkedIn group (AS/400 Professionals). To view the comments join LinkedIn and join the group AS/400 Professionals.

Is IBM i dead? Follow-on discussion to “Is RPG/400 dead?”

First of all, I have been thoroughly convinced by Trevor Perry that we should all be using the latest IBM name version of our favorite hardware platform. In addition, we should start declaring ourselves as “i Genius”(es).

My personal opinion about the life or death of the IBM i, is that by inertia alone, it will be extremely difficult to stop. The shear number of installations, systems and applications which exist today providing companies of all sizes with solid, working, core-business operations, seriously limits its possibility of demise.

In the NYC area, there are three user groups that are still successful, have new and younger members, and are providing up-to-date and relevant learning materials.

As mostly technical people, we tend to be more reserved and not verbally opinionated. This is not good for our future. We “AND IBM” need to spread the word to our companies about all the wonderful things our IBM i can do, and do cost effectively and reliably.

To re-state the words of our past colleague Al Barsa - “It’s all about the marketing, IBM”. We all need to re-emphasize and defend this again and again to our clients, companies, colleagues, colleges and friends.*2%2Eanh_59314

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