HRMS Systems and Employee Data – Is Anything Secure?

Is your employee data secure? Whether your HRMS system is an in house solution or you use an outsourcing vendor, the security of your employee data is imperative. In either case the question is, can someone on the outside, access (hack) into the database that houses your employee’s HR and payroll information.

Unfortunately, in both cases the answer is, if someone wants to bad enough and has the knowledge and resources they probably can. With that being said, there is an inherent difference between the two. With an in house HRMS software application, the database is internal to your network and is protected from the outside by your firewall and safeguards. With an outsourced solution, your database is typically housed by your vendor and must be accessed through the internet. Because of this you are relying on the vendor’s security measures to keep your data safe. Security breaches are rare, but do occur and have been documented in recent news reports.

Bottom line is your hr and payroll data is vulnerable and it’s important you do everything you can to limit exposure. Ideally this information stays within your network, but if you do use a provider that houses your data outside of your control then make sure every measure has been put in place to keep your information safe.

Mark Edwards- Account Executive

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