HRIS Software and Data Back Up

When deciding to back up your HRIS software and other data, you have taken an essential first step in protecting your information assets and, in some cases, the actual survival of your organization. But simply deciding to back up data is not enough to sufficiently protect your organization from the numerous perils that can endanger your crucial payroll and HR information.

Many users, network managers and small-business owners, assume that performing a daily backup using the same single data cartridge protects them from catastrophe. However, this thought process is in itself a disaster. By using only a single backup tape, you are not creating an archive of your HRIS system data. Corrupt data often exists long before it becomes evident resulting in a system crash. By using a single tape, you could be backing up corrupt data and have no chance of finding the clean file or files you have backed up. Having multiple copies on a single media is not acceptable either. In order to protect yourself, you must have multiple copies in multiple places to be assured of retrieving your data in the event of a disaster.

Now you may think, “What if I back up everything on a new tape, every day?” You could do that, but if you have a large data repository, the cost of ownership related to data cartridges can sharply increase.

We suggest using one of these industry-standard tape rotation schemes that are designed to protect your data as well as minimize the cost of ownership related to tape data cartridges. By incorporating a mix of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly backups, you can be sure that you have a complete history of your HRIS and other data from various points in time.

Michael Murphy - IT Staff

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