HR Headache? Implement ESS And Call Me In The Morning

A successful implementation of ESS can reduce HR and Payroll staff stress, create employee accountability, and reduce costs at the same time.  But the “right” ESS looks different for every organization, and careful planning during the implementation stage will ensure that your stakeholders, from management to employee users, are all happy with the user-friendly results.


First...Consider the size of your employee base, and most importantly, their overall computer-competency level:

A software company or a bank with tech-savvy employees should be able to deploy a robust Employee Self Service module. First, begin with applicants filling out pre-hire forms, and continue with new hires completing online documents like Form W-4 and I-9.  Allow employees to update changing information like last names and dependents, and view PTO and pay information. An HR Administrator can always perform the final update after reviewing employee changes, but this allows the employees to be accountable for their own information.

On the other hand, a transportation or a manufacturing company may have fewer employees with computer experience or access. Simply allowing these employees access to receive pay stubs and Forms W-2 via email may still reduce a significant burden for Payroll and substantially reduce mailing costs. Perhaps employee master file information changes still need to be updated by HR/Payroll – you can decide.

Making your decision...

Most HR and Payroll professionals are in favor of ESS systems, but only when the system implemented is the right one for the organization. When you make the ESS decision, be sure to consider the opinions of all of the right stakeholders and you will end up with a widely-used, successful Employee Self Service module.

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