Guard Your Space, Payroll Peeps!

Tax filing time is getting into full swing. We hear stories every day about data breaches and hacked information, but what about security within the office space? We often forget there are other procautions we can take outside of cybersecurity. Here are some tips for protecting employee information inside the office. 


Tips and Tricks

  1. Take steps to protect your employee’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from unauthorized access/theft, as well as natural disaster such as weather catastrophes -hurricanes, floods, etc.
  2. Document written policies describing how you prevent unauthorized access to PII and unauthorized processes.
  3. Never leave PII unsecured - not on your desk, not on your computer screen, not on the printer/fax/scanner and not in your trashcan.
  4. Who moves/delivers/removes PII? Inter-office mail that you close up with a red string twist is not secure.  Are paychecks sealed self-mailers? Or better yet, are stubs delivered via email through Employee Self Serve requiring a password?
  5. Payroll processors need to work behind doors that at least have the capability of locking. This is not to say that payroll should be processed behind a locked barrier, but it is to stress that a cubicle left wide-open to the whole office staff is not a good place to station the people who process your employees’ Personally Identifiable Information on a daily basis.
  6. Shredding bins should be locked until the papers are put into the shredder, a process which should be observed by an authorized employee of your organization. Burn boxes and temporary files should be safely secured until they are properly disposed.


Most of these are practical office space precautions that are followed on a daily basis, but it doesn't hurt to make sure no employee ends up seeing their name on the news linked to a breach of private payroll data! 

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