Federal Government Shut Down Effects on Employers

As a direct result of the October federal government shut down, daily employer tasks are not able to be completed. Below are a few items that may be affecting you until the government resumes.


E-Verify has been taken offline.  Employers will not be able to enroll any companies in E-Verify, verify employment eligibility, view or take action in any case, add/change/delete use IDs or passwords, edit or terminate company information, or run reports.

IRS Procedures

IRS operations are limited.  However, tax laws remain in effect and all taxpayers are expected to continue to meet their tax obligations.  The IRS website is still operational and does offer some information related to the Appropriations Lapse and the IRS Contingency Plan. 

However, no live telephone customer service assistance is available.  IRS walk-in taxpayer assistance centers are also closed.  Automated IRS notices will continue to be mailed, but the IRS will not be working any paper correspondence during the shut down.

Please see the additional information about the shut down and how this may affect your payroll operations.

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