Government Released E-Verify I-9 Instructional Videos

If you’re looking for a way to jazz up your New Hire Orientation sessions, you won’t believe who’s come to the rescue: the US government! E-Verify (from USCIS), who has been technologically superior to their federal kin practically since inception, has once again made us an offer we can’t refuse.

While Form I-9 is basic demographic information for about 99% of new hires and employers, there can be some gray areas.  E-Verify has produced 3 short videos that are available to employers and will explain step-by-step processes on how:

  1. Employees properly complete I-9 Section 1
  2. Employers properly complete I-9 Section 2
  3. Employers properly complete I-9 Section 3 when appropriate

Even though the videos are in color, they could not be any clearer if everything were in black and white!  Each video is about four minutes long, is easy to understand, and clearly points out the important points in filling out Form I-9.  You can access the first video, about I-9 Section 1, on the USCIS website, and below this video, you can click on the second and third videos.

As you explore the USCIS website, you will continue to find high quality informational videos.  Take advantage of this website by marking it in your Favorites and checking back often.

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