Five Ways to Get More from Your Payroll HR Software

Face it – your Payroll/HR Software (also known as HRIS or HRMS software) is a big investment.

There’s no question that a software based solution will result in significant ROI, but after you laid out all that money and spent all those hours learning the system, what can you do to keep getting new returns on your investment? 

If you’ve gone to the trouble to automate your Payroll/HR software, make sure you let the system do all it can for you.

Share services by integrating all of your HRIS applications

If you have PR/HR automated, but you spend hours collecting and calculating employee’s time card data, stop!  Add an integrated Time & Attendance module that will share the same employee master file as your PR/HR.  Time worked will flow seamlessly from TA to PR, and any special events or absences can also update HR as necessary.

Segregate duties with security

Every auditor will tell you that you absolutely CANNOT have someone in the payroll department reconcile the payroll bank account.  Just because Check Reconciliation is a menu option on your PR system does not mean that the same users who process checks will also be the ones to reconcile them.  Use your software security options to give authority to process checks to certain users, and only other users will be given access to the check reconciliation options.

Let go of all those spreadsheets

Yes, you have “special” needs in your company that no one else has, but that does not mean that your software can’t handle everything you need to accurately and timely process.  Be open minded when you search your software’s output - in almost every instance, a robust PR/HR system will allow you to replace your high maintenance, home grown spreadsheets with comparable reports.  Does it really matter that First Name is in the column before Last Name?

Use Self-Mailers

How much time is spent in your organization stuffing checks and W2’s into envelopes?  Most PR software today can handle printing both pay checks and tax forms on self-mailers, where the form is printed inside and out, and even sealed without ever being touched after it’s loaded into the paper tray!

Stay up to date

PR/HR software providers spend enormous amounts of time and money staying current with tax laws and government reporting requirements, so take advantage of their legwork.  Always load the provided updates as soon as possible.  You don’t want to call the support desk to report a problem, only to find out that what you are experiencing was corrected in an update you didn’t load two months ago.

Susan Warren, CPP (Certified Payroll Professional)
Software Support and Training Specialist

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