E-Verify Adds Field For Employee Email Address

More good news from E-Verify!  Its 2013 revised Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, boasts a new field for employee’s email address, and our friends at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) are putting that to good use.  Actually they are putting the email field to four good uses. 

An employee who has completed Form I-9 may receive one of four possible email messages from E-Verify:

  • Email notification of a tentative nonconfirmation — TNC — will be sent to the employee from E-Verify if information on Form I-9 does not match Department of Homeland Security or Social Security Administration information.
  • Email confirmation of an employee’s intent to contest a TNC will be sent to the employee once the employer refers the case to the Department of Homeland Security or Social Security, notifying employee that they have four days to contact Homeland Security or Social Security.
  • Email reminder to the employee that they have chosen to contest the TNC, but they have not contacted Homeland Security or Social Security within four days of the date that the case was referred.
  • The fourth email is not related to a TNC, but is sent to naturalized citizens when E-Verify identifies mismatches between records at Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration; this email will instruct the employee to update his/her records with Social Security to reflect naturalized citizen status.

Not all employees will furnish an email address on Form I-9, as that field is optional, but if the employee does provide email information, the employer must provide it to E-Verify. 

Providing that information to E-Verify relieves the employer of the obligation to notify employees of TNCs, but employers must still follow E-Verify’s process for TNC.  That process involves two documents:

  • Further Action Notice is used when a TNC is issued to an employee.  This notice tells the employee why there is a tentative nonconfirmation and explains the employee’s right to contest.
  • Referral Date Confirmation is a one-page notice sent to an employee who chooses to contest a TNC once the employer refers the case.  It states the date by which the employee must contact Homeland Security or Social Security to start the resolution process.

Overall, E-Verify is a well-oiled machine.  Adding email contacts brings applause from this blogger!

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