Enhancement to Electronic Federal Tax Payment System

There will soon be a new feature available to EFTPS users which will allow them to choose to receive email notifications from the IRS regarding any electronic payments and deposits they make.  


The Details

Today, users have to manually print or save their confirmation of payment when they use EFTPS, but with the new feature, users can opt to get confirmations by email. The email notices will include taxpayer updates such as payment confirmations, reminders of scheduled payments, and details regarding cancelled/returned/modified payments.

EFTPS users will only need to register for these notifications one time, and they can cancel the email subscription at any time. If an employer uses a third party to make federal tax deposits, the employer must be enrolled in EFTPS in order to receive these email notifications. For more information about this new feature, visit https://www.irs.gov/uac/eftps-the-electronic-federal-tax-payment-system.

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Human Resources Director Jay Fleecs, Norfolk Iron & Metal Co.

[Optimum's] proactive approach allowed Norfolk Iron to send the 1095-C forms to all employees at the same time we sent the W-2s, where other payroll vendors and companies were still wondering how to comply with this process.